Step 1 - Bridge $EKTA from BSC to Ekta Mainnet
In this tutorial, we'll illustrate how to transfer your $EKTA from the Binance Smart Chain to Ekta Mainnet.
Start by selecting the BSC network in your MetaMask wallet.
Next, enter the Ekta Cross-Chain Bridge URL for bridging BSC to Ekta Mainnet:
If you’re using a mobile phone, open the URL in your wallet browser.
Once you've input the URL in your browser, MetaMask will open automatically.
Select the account you used for purchasing $EKTA on PancakeSwap.
Then click “Next”.
Next, click "Connect"
Lastly, input the amount of $EKTA Tokens you would like to bridge.
Click “Transfer” and then click "Confirm".
Lastly, click "Swap" and you're all set.
Last modified 2mo ago
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