Step 2 - Purchase $EKTA on PancackeSwap
Start by clicking the button on the Ekta homepage to be redirected to PancakeSwap.
Once on PancakeSwap, select the currency you'd like to exchange for $EKTA and be sure to connect your wallet.
If you used the PancakeSwap link on the Ekta homepage, you may receive the following notification. This is standard and helps to ensure that users do not become victims of scams. Once you've read through the notification, select "I understand" and then click "Import".
Next, select the currency you would like to exchange for $EKTA Tokens.
Enter the amount you would like to swap for $EKTA.
Once you click on "Enable [currency]", MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Click "Confirm".
Next, click "Swap".
Confirm your transaction by clicking on "Confirm Swap".
Also, confirm the transaction on MetaMask.
Done! Now simply wait for confirmation.
Last modified 2mo ago
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